We build modern web applications

In App Masons we believe in scalability and quality code and we listen to fast changing digital world.


App Masons has a vision, we love technology and building software. We thrive to create sustainable software, which is scalable easy to maintain.
Mission: is to show how the modern software team should look like, in terms of communication and transparency - we always explain our budget to our clients, we even show and explain the profit for specific project if needed. We don't have only experience in software development but also with AGILITY. We can suggest by type of the project whether to use the scrum methodology, kanban or something project specific.
Goal: To create an environment, where we there is a clear understanding between the developers and the management, from top to bottom.


{UI/UX Design}
<App Development>

Angular, React, NodeJS, GraphQL

('Project management')


Miroslav Gajdoš

Great in technical analyses of a new project, can decide the right tool - technology for your project. He has attention to detail and he is angry when the code is wrong. Oh, and he loves snowboarding and Formula1.

Marek Pánti

Loves UX design and processes, he will discuss with you all the necessary information and processes before we start working on a project. He will also lead the communication and maintain the agility of the team. And he loves history and reading.